A list of apps, websites and other stuff which I’ve used and found useful…

Last updated 29/1/16

(NB – There’s lots more to come so keep coming back!)


 AppWhat does it do?Main subject area
A.L.E.XSimilar to Lightbot - great for teaching directional programming. Has the advantage of being from 1st person perspective.Coding
AppFurnaceCoding / App creation
audioBoomRecord audio and instantly upload it to various online locations / drives - including Wordpress posts.Audio
AurasmaView and create 'auras': things that happen (such as playing a video) when a device is pointed at a specific object. Good for interactive displays. Augmented reality
Cargo-BotMore 'block' programming. Program a robot to move boxes around. Coding
Cato's Hike (Lite or Full)Directional block programming game.Coding
CodeacademyLearn some basic code in an hour. App focuses in Python and HTML.Coding
colAR MixGo to their website and download sheets to colour in then watch them come alive in 3D!Augmented reality
Daisy the DinosaurIntroduction to drag and drop, block programming for young children. Rather limited.Coding
DropboxFile management
EverClipFile management
EvernoteFile management
Explain EverythingAn excellent presentational app for iPad and Windows 8/10. Output files as video. Essential Purchase!General
GamePressCoding / App creation
HopscotchBlock based programming app for the iPad. Next step up from Daisy the Dinosaur from the same manufacturers.Coding (website)Brilliant online multi-choice quiz maker and delivery system. Each participant can use any internet enabled device to input their answer. Questions and leaderboard displayed on IWB.General
LightBotExcellent directional programming game including subroutines and loops. The free 'hour of code' version is probably enough.Coding
Lightbot JrLightbot, but with more of the easier levels.Coding
OnedriveiPad app. Store files in Onedrive!File management
Pic CollageSimple but effective iPad app for combining pictures and Text.General
PotteryThrow your own pots then decorate and virtually 'sell' them. Invest your profits into more patterns and colours.Art
PyonkeeIt's Scratch - but for the iPad!Coding
Python 3.3Python is generally recognised as the best 'proper' programming language for beginners. Start at year 6/7?Coding
RD ClientUse Remote Desktop on a Windows PC from your iPad!Remote access
RoboLogic LEMore directional programming - worth a look.Coding
Scratch JrSimple, block based programming for younger children. Works well.Coding
ShowbieSet (share files), collect (grab saved work) and feedback (orally or written) on work produced on an iPad. Probably the best way to solve the problem of saving files to a 'network' on an iPad.File management
SkitchAugmented Reality
SocrativeA bit like the old infrared voting systems but for the internet age. Create quizzes or use to collect text from children. Really useful.General
Unit the Robot (Naace)Long established web based introduction to directional programming. Good for reception/KS1 who struggle with left/rightCoding
VirtuosoA simple, but decent piano for iPad.Music
WebDAV NavSave files from an iPad to a webDav server running on your network or the internet.File management
WordpressCreate and manage WordPress blog posts. I just wish they would make it so that it's easier to sign in and out as different users.Blogging

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